‘Stranger Things 4’: Spotify Reveals What Song Will Save You From Vecna


Netflix’s Stranger Things is an influential show, mainly when it comes to ushering in a wave of ’80s nostalgia. It’s also capable of sending ’80s songs back to the current music charts — Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush reached No. 1 on iTunes following the release of the show’s fourth season.

The English artist’s song came up in episode 4 of volume 1 (vol. 2 will be released on Friday). The episode saw Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) face off with the child-killing Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower). She escapes his grasp when her friends play her favorite song — Running Up That Hill. The music opens a gateway to freedom, because music is just that powerful.

What song would save you from Vecna’s death grip? Thanks to Spotify, you don’t need to answer that question yourself.

Spotify has created an Upside Down playlist for everyone to check out their No. 1 “savior song.” Whatever song is at the top of your playlist is your “savior song.”

Find your Upside Down playlist here.

For the first time, Stranger Things split its fourth season into two volumes. The final two movie-length episodes arrive on Friday.

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