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Multi technology Readers, also called as hybrid readers or multi frequency readers or sometimes as smart readers have gained global importance in a very short duration owing to the advancement in technology from use of single frequency cards to multiple frequency cards. The cards can be of any technology from #125KHz to #13.56MHz or of any industry standard from Nundprox (125 KHz, 13.56 MHz, 125KHz. + 13.56MHz.) to Mifare 13.56MHz. & different variants. Multi #technology technology cards are designed to work in any environmental conditions hence equipped with an effective ratings viz.a.viz. Impact resistance #IK08/ #IK10 to ingress protection #IP65 / #IP66/ #IP67/ #IP68 for indoor & outdoor application followed availability of defacto protocols like #Wiegand for communication. Multi technology Readers are the perfect & clear choice for any sort of #business establishments looking for #digitalisation of security sector to upgrade the existing systems using the various card technologies.

: Indoor & outdoor application
: Wiegand protocol Adjustable data width
: Metal/ ABS housing
: IP65/IP66/IP67/IP68 ingress rating
: Multiple frequency Nundprox, Mifare, EM etc.
: Impact resistance IK08/ IK10
: Proximity, vicinity compatible
: Standalone/ Networked
: CE Certification

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