Where/How To Buy Japanese Albums, Goods, Merch in the Philippines | Johnnys, EMS, Proxy Service Etc.


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After my constant posts about my packages on various socials and my latest unboxing videos of concert goods and albums here on my channel, I received a couple of questions about where and how to buy Japanese albums, goods and merch from my Facebook, IG, and Twitter DMs — thus the reason for this video. This is by no means exhaustive so adding additional references below as well..

Thank you so much Ysa for this blog post! More references on where to buy J-goods and albums here:

Apps and sites mentioned:
*Shuiesha for iOS:
*Shuiesha for Android:
*美st for iOS:
*美st for Android:
*DeJapan request page:
*Amazon Japan:
*Tenso Japan Jshoppers:
*HMV Japan:
*Janis Tenshi Shop:

*Article on custom fees:
More info about EMS:

*King & Prince L& Concert Goods and Sexy Zone Pop x Step!? Merch:
*King & Prince L& Album (all versions):

Additional tip:
– Japanese DVDs are usually locked at region 2 whereas PH is region 3. i can’t watch mine on my brother’s PS3 but what i do is use an external dvd reader, convert the reader to region 2 when it shows me the message that there’s region incompatibility and then the files can be read from then on.

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