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We traveled Bohol, Cebu, Manila, Dumaguete, and Apo Island.

Our two week trip flew by so fast and already I miss everything about the ‪Philippines‬. I hope I’ll be able to stay much longer next time. Much love to my whole family especially to my parents who built the beautiful Villa De Gloria resort in ‪Panglao Island‬, Bohol. So proud of all the great progress they have done throughout these years. Glad to see the whole family enjoy the place. Anticipating our next visit!

Anticipating our next visit!

95% GoPro 3 Black Edition + FYG4 (Feiyu Tech G4 / FeiyuTech G4 / Feiyu-Tech G4)
5% iPhone 6 (Timelapses)

GoPro Setings: Wide / 1080p / 60fps
Protune On: ISO 400 / High Sharpness / Flat Color

Color Grading: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Odesza – It’s Only (feat. Zyra)
(yes I am aware of the lyrics of this song, but I still find it a beautiful song to edit with if you disregard the lyrics.)

Areas visited:
Tagbilaran Airport
Manila Airport
Singapore Airport
Moscow Airport
Guadalupe Bridge
Villa De Gloria
Alona Beach
Tumalog Falls
Loboc River
Chocolate Hills
Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park

whale sharks
sea turtles
stand up paddle
adobe premiere pro CC



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