The Sad Truth About JARE The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 2018


If beauty can be measured, social media is the one place it happens every day. Read about at
Around June 2018, a beautiful five-year-old girl from Nigeria by the name JARE swept our heart and sent social media on frenzies after these pictures of her were shared on Instagram by a photographer. Instantly, she was declared the most beautiful girl in the world by people on social media.

JARE, who leaves with her parents and sibling in Nigeria, was photographed by Mofe Bamuyiwa a Nigerian lifestyle and wedding photographer who shared 3 stunning portraits of JARE on Instagram, describing the 5-year-old as an angel.

JARE no doubt is a natural beauty with the most amazing and stunning eyes. Her skin, flawless and rich with melanin. Her innocent natural looks captivated every eye that came across these pictures. Despite not being a professional model at the time, JARE’s pose was effortless, times and breathtaking.

JARE had a photo shoot with two of her older siblings which were also shared on Mofe Bamuyiwa’s Instagram, but JARE’s stunning pictures quickly ran with the Banton of admiration and generated more likes and love, captivating more people on social media.

Was it her pose, her eyes, hair, rich melanin skin, or was it everything. Everyone who came across the beautiful iconic pictures agreed she is the most gorgeous little girl ever! Instantly she was declared the New Barbie.
Online media, International Newspapers and blogs all agreed and ran with the news that JARE is indeed the most beautiful little girl in the world.
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