top 20 Philippines' Most Beautiful Flower | names & species | endemic, native & originated in the PH


Beautiful Flowers Found in the Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. Despite its small size, it is one of the 18 mega biodiverse countries in the world, which include large nations like Brazil, China, India, Australia, and the United States.
It ranks fifth in the number of plant species and maintains 5% of the earth’s flora. It has 10,045 kinds of vascular plants (a group of the kingdom Plantae where conifers, ferns, and angiosperms belong). The largest group of tracheophytes in the archipelago is the angiosperms, with 8,924 extant species.
They are flowering plants and can be trees, vines, shrubs, weeds, or grass. You can find them anywhere in the country in gardens, indoors, shops, swamps, forests, and open fields. Their colorful parts, the flowers, are significant among Filipino cultures. Like the other parts of the plant, they are used as decorations for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, religious rituals, and even funerals..

The 20 Most Beautiful Flowers That Grow in the Philippines

# Jade Vine
#Rose Grape
#Hooded Orchid
#Foxtail Orchid
# Palawan Cherry Blossom
#Monarch rosemallow
#red silk cotton
#passiflora moluccana
#queen of Philippines
#coral tree
#water lilies
#rainbow eucalyptus tree
#joseph coat or edible amaranth
#attenborogh pitcher plant
#grape leaf anamone
#paphilipedulum philippinense
#easter lilies



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