In the first part of this video we are going to summarize the requirements for all passengers entering the Philippines: Filipinos and dual citizens, Balikbayans, and Foreign Nationals. Easier entry requirements / documents for Balikbayans, Filipinos, Foreign Nationals. Easy steps and answers to questions for your smooth check in and arrival experience. New Update on Philippine Travel. Arrival Protocols, Requirements, Process, Procedures. Complete Step-by-step Travel Guide & Summary / List of Entry Requirements to the Philippines. Travel Insurance requirement in the Philippines. Dual Citizenship Documents required to enter the Philippines. Philippines Travel vlog.

Some of the most frequently asked questions will also be answered:
can i use an expired philippine passport to travel to the philippines? can i use my passport even if it only has less than 6 months validity remaining? If you are a dual citizen, but you neither have your philippine passport, nor your dual citizenship document with you, will you be considered a filipino? or a foreign national? Is speaking fluent Filipino enough proof of your Filipino blood?

which passport shall you present at check-in and upon arrival in the Philippines for dual citizens? what is the balikbayan program and who are eligible to this privilege? For some of our viewers, they’ve already lost their documents. Will they be able to use a photocopy or a digital copy of their birth certificate to avail of the Balikbayan privilege? For those who are new to our channel, we will clarify again who needs the travel insurance, and who are exempted from it. travel insurance who must have it and who doesn’t as of today april 12, 2022

Filipinos Balikbayans and Foreign Tourists everything that you must know for your travel to the Philippines. Philippines Travel Update. latest arrival protocol. GOOD NEWS! IATF 164 ANTIGEN TEST NOW ACCEPTED! relaxed testing requirement. More good news for visa free foreign nationals.
Latest Testing and Arrival Protocol for Filipinos and Foreign Nationals.
Malaking Pagbabago sa PROSESO AT POLISIYA sa paguwi at pagpasok ng Pilipinas para sa lahat ng Filipino at Foreign National. IATF has approved the proposal to accept antigen test as alternative to the RT-PCR test requirement. Mga magandang improvements and developments sa Pilipinas protocols and procedures. rt pcr or antigen, both accepted. here’s how to comply for a smooth travel to the Philippines.

Everything that you must have for your smooth travel to the Philippines.
Everything that Filipinos must know before coming to the Philippines.

Philippine Airport Arrival Process and Procedure as of April May 2022.
All the things you need to do and requirements to prepare for a smooth travel!
Complete Guide for Fully Vaccinated and Unvaccinated returning Filipino (OFW, NON OFW, Dual Citizen, ROFs). US citizens going to philippines.

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