Live Show Planning Essentials and Studio Consultations


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Live Show Planning Essentials and Studio Consultations

Live Show Planning requires systems, processes, and procedures but which ones? I’ll share some considerations today during the live show. We’ll also look at your studio pictures and share advice, feedback, and insights. Send your pictures to

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📸 What camera do I use? 📸
👉🏽 This one:

What Lens do I use?
👉🏽 This one:

🎙What Microphone do I use?
👉🏽 Primarily this one:
👉🏽 But for my 🎤 Voiceovers this one:

Want to know what other gear I recommend and use?
👉🏽 You can find it here:

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🖥 My Favorite Streaming Software (Mac Only):

💻 My Favorite Web-based Streaming Platform (Mac & PC):

🖥 My Favorite Graphic Design Platform (Web-based):


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