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EarthTarian is a brand dedicated to the planet and the human experience. With a majestic range of high-quality merchandise, we are committed to environmental awareness and philanthropy. Help us spread peace and love while saving the Earth!

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We’re here to help you find your voice, love yourself and love your planet.


EarthTarian presents a lifestyle that appreciates the planet’s beauty, our interconnectedness with all life, and humanity’s significance. EarthTarian draws inspiration from ancient indigenous cultures and natural wisdom to celebrate the Earth and the beauty of our human experience.
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About The Natural Goddess – EarthTarian – Spiritual Being
These progress-oriented affirmations are designed to be personalized to meet your needs. We all know that what you think, say, and do is the foundation for change. With these items, you will be reminded of how strong and capable you are with powerful affirmations every day.

“I am beautiful” “I am loved” “I am worth it” “I can do anything” – these are just a few of the empowering affirmations you’ll find in our store. Tap into an endless stream of positive reminders that will help you feel empowered all day long.



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