Poland ready to send MiG-29 fighter jets to US base in Germany for transfer to Ukraine | DW News


Poland’s Foreign Ministry has said it is “ready” to deliver its MiG-29 planes to the US Ramstein Air Base in Germany, with a view to those planes being eventually given to Ukraine.

“Poland… is ready to deliver its Mig-29 planes to Ramstein airbase and make them available to the US for free and without delay,” the foreign ministry said.

It’s not clear whether Joe Biden’s administration would support such a plan.

Previously, Secretary of State Antony Blinken had downplayed the idea, only to later say it was something “we’re looking at very actively.” Ukraine’s foreign minister had appealed for the jets in a meeting with Blinken on Monday.

Ukrainian pilots are capable of flying Soviet-made Mig fighters.

Some in the US Congress, including leading Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, have pressed for the deal to go ahead.

Poland said it would be willing to immediately negotiate on terms to purchase newer US F-16 jets to replace its aircraft.


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