Vanity Fair | Part 1 Of 3 | by William Makepeace Thackeray | Full Audiobook


Vanity Fair | by William Makepeace Thackeray | Part 1 Of 3 | Full Audiobook.

This is Part 1.
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Vanity Fair: A Novel without a Hero is a novel by William Makepeace Thackeray that satirizes society in early 19th-century England. Like many novels of the time, Vanity Fair was published as a serial before being sold in book form; it was printed in 20 monthly parts between January 1847 and July 1848.

Thackeray meant the book to be not only entertaining but also instructive; this is shown both by the narrator of the book and in Thackeray’s private correspondence. The novel is now remembered as a classic of English literature, though some critics claim that it has structural problems; Thackeray sometimes lost track of the huge scope of his work, mixing up characters’ names and minor plot details. The number of allusions and references it contains can make it difficult for modern readers to follow.

00:00:00 Chiswick Mall
0:17:36 In Which Miss Sharp and Miss Sedley Prepare to Open the Campaign
0:40:30 Rebecca is in Presence of the Enemy
0:58:20 The Green Silk Purse
1:30:24 Dobbin of Ours
1:57:20 Vauxhall
2:28:06 Crawley of Queen’s Crawley
2:47:26 Private and Confidential
3:17:35 Family Portraits
3:40:14 Miss Sharp Begins To Make Friends
3:59:11 Arcadian Simplicity
4:39:32 Quite a Sentimental Chapter
5:03:40 Sentimental and Otherwise
5:32:44 Miss Crawley at Home
6:17:45 In Which Rebecca’s Husband Appears for a Short Time
6:39:17 The Letter on the Pincushion
7:01:34 How Captain Dobbin Bought a Piano
7:22:17 Who Played on the Piano Captain Dobbin Bought
7:54:21 Miss Crawley at Nurse
8:21:43 In Which Captain Dobbin Acts as the Messenger of Hymen
8:47:32 A Quarrel About an Heiress
9:13:56 A Marriage and Part of a Honeymoon
9:38:52 Captain Dobbin Proceeds on His Canvass
9:56:18 In Which Mr. Osborne Takes Down the Family Bible
10:32:42 In Which All the Principal Personages Think Fit to Leave Brighton



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