The Trial of EXCALBIA Begins | Star Trek Online Sidequests


This is the first part of several multiple choice trials that Star Trek Online throws at the player. This one sees us team up alongside Seven of Nine, Michael Burnham and Abraham Lincoln to explore the very concept of “Good” in an Excalbian trial like the one endured by Captain Kirk and the Enterprise in 2269.

Help Obisek Ending:
Stop Hakeev Ending:

Star Trek Online is full of stories and call-backs to the TV series of days gone and to come. Set in the Star Trek universe’s 25th century it places you in the center of these events in an ever expanding series of tales.
Join me as I fulfill the role of a Starfleet Captain, Mark Hale from the 23rd century as we explore the 25th century!

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Star Trek Online developed by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World.
Star Trek Enterprise/Voyager/Deep Space Nine/Discovery and The Next Generation are all owned by Paramount Pictures/CBS and distributed by CBS.
This Video is for critical purposes with commentary.



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