Tatung Multi-functional Cooker (double-chamber indirect heat rice cooker) + Tatung Baby (大同電鍋)


I know rice cookers are fairly common appliances. But this particular type isn’t. At least not in 2017. That’s why I chose to unbox and make a short intro about it.

This is called a “double chamber” type rice cooker that uses indirect heat for cooking (some old school cooks say indirect heat makes rice taste better, although it’s technically less power efficient). It was very common before, but less so post 1990s.

Newer types with more efficient ways of cooking rice have taken its place. This one doesn’t just cook rice though. Hence the “multi functional” moniker.

Tatung still makes this old-school double chamber indirect heat type rice cooker though. Fundamentally unchanged from its first generation model from back in the 1960s. This model has its fans, although like I said, fewer people know about this type now, one week away from 2018.

I just thought I’d make a quick video about it to introduce more people to the existence of this type of rice cooker.

Bonus Feature (begins 06:51):
I talk about the “Tatung Baby” mascot/ figurine/ toy collectible of Tatung (大同寶寶), which is a pop cultural icon in Taiwan. I show you my lone piece, a “55” model. I also show a photo I took in 2013 of an old theater in Neiwan, Taiwan, that had a large collection of Tatung Baby toys.

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