Flying to the USA from the Philippines during Covid / Tourist – Requirements, Immigration, Vaccine..


Fying to Las Vegas (via Los Angeles) USA from Manila, Philippines during Covid – travelling with a Tourist Visa

My flight was last November 17.

Changes in US requirements:
Nov 8, 2021 – all international travelers must be fully vaccinated
Dec. 3, 2021 – the covid test must be done within 24 hours of flight

All of the requirements I mentioned are still applicable, the only change as of Dec 2021 is that the Covid test must be done within 24 hours of flight (it used to be within 3 days before flight)

In this vlog, I described my experience flying to the USA with a tourist visa via Philippine airlines. I showed the required documents, the questions PH immigration asked, and my actual experience flying, from the airport until I arrived in the US immigration.

Documents Required
– [x] Traze app – did not check
– [x] LAX Online form – take screenshot but did not check
– [x] Attestation Form – PH immigration
– [x] BOI declaration form – PH immigration
– [x] PAL passenger form 1 qr code – take screenshot but did not check
– [x] Pcr Test
– [x] Pal ticket
– [ ] Pal receipt for travel tax
– [x] Health insurance – will show to PH immigration
– [x] Vac card – will show in Manila check in
– [x] Passport
– [x] Visa

Questions by Immigration:
1. What is your work?
2. What will you do there?
3. Where are you working?
4. Do you have health insurance?

Upon landing in the US: US immigration/Border control questions
– passport
– US visa
– US address
– Reason for visit
– How long are you staying
– Finger scan
– Face scan

Makeup worn:
Essence blush: satin love
L’oreal I explore lipstick



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