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Before the Spaniards invaded our motherland, we were living a prosperous and peaceful life.
The people were honest and true to their fellow brothers and sisters.
We only learned the words crab mentality and corruption when the Spaniards enslaved our people.

The Spaniards came to our land with muskets in their right hands and bibles in their left hands.
They enslaved, repressed and oppressed our people with brute force and illusion of God’s mercy and forgiveness at the same time.


The world is better w/o religions. Faith in different religions caused and continue to cause wars and destruction.
Just look at the Philippines folks. The war between the Christians and the Muslims has no end in sight.
When the Spaniards enslaved us, they used Catholicism to easily control and manipulate our people.
They used Catholicism to put fear in our hearts.
You put fear in someone, it will be easier for you to fool him/her.


The Spaniards forcefully enslaved our people. Millions were sent to mines to work and die. Countless numbers of women were raped and forced to work for their masters.
The people were forced to pay taxes and agricultural lands were stolen.
The Spaniards became rich and powerful out of the sufferings of our people.

The Americans:

The Americans bought our country from the Spaniards after the Spanish-American war.

The Americans put in our minds that they saved us from the Spaniards. On the contrary, more than 1 Million Filipino soldiers and civilians were murdered by the Americans during the Filipino-American war.

The Spaniards taught us how to pray. When the Americans came, they taught us how to watch Hollywood movies, drink Coca-Cola, etc…, and for us to dream to have a lifestyle like what they have. It’s called export of Capitalism and application of Colonialism.
Destroy their local beliefs, culture and way of life, then replaced them with American way of life. That way, Capitalism will thrive.

Effects of Spanish and American Colonialism & Capitalism:

The Filipinos became greedy with lust for money and power.
Crab mentality, colonial mentality and dishonesty are now in our heads. The whole Philippine society is bathing in corruption, brought to us by our overlords.

Present Economy and way of life:

Sure there’s a lot of rich people in the Philippines, but majority of the population are living below poverty line.

Businesses are monopolized by a few people. Those few people buy politicians to protect their businesses.
Why is business monopolization bad? Because small and local entrepreneurs have no way to compete against those giant corporations/businesses.
The concentration of wealth only runs within the inner circle of those few people who sit on the top of the food chain.

Foreigners bring their businesses to the Philippines for cheap labor. Most of those foreign companies do not give labor benefits to their workers. The Filipinos are nothing but slaves of those who are rich and powerful.

The balance of trade is not fair for the Philippines. Foreign companies flood our market with their products, products that we Filipinos gladly buy because of Colonial mentality.

I will give you an example of how to deal with unfair trade:
When I went to Ecuador and Bolivia in Latin America; I learned that they implemented a regulation where they limit the import of imported chips from the United States.
Instead of importing Pringles, Lays, etc.. massively from the United States, they pay attention on how to mass produce their own local chips to sell to the market.
Do you get the picture? Support your local products than buying imported goods from overseas.


I believe in the positive results of globalization for all mankind. But it is not fair for the Philippines because globalization affects negatively our economy and society.
For now, we need a pride of Nationalism in the Philippines. Philippines first before anything else. Filipino first before someone else. Filipino arts, culture and products first before anything else.

Pride of Nationalism and love for your fellow countrymen will help lift our country out of the 3rd world.

The Greatest Filipino President:

All the Presidents we had in the Philippines were all American puppets. The 1 and only President who truly cared about the grassroots and to his motherland was President Ramon Magsaysay.
Unfortunately, he was assassinated. They planted a bomb in his airplane and presented the crash to the public as an accident.

To fight poverty: You have to look at the big picture.
We all know how corrupt and useless the politicians are. So what to do next?



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