1 Trade 1 Wage DAY TRADE test = Part 7


HOW TO MAKE PROFIT DAY TRADING FOREX or DAX with as single trade each day

In my videos I show how to #DayTtrade easy strategy & swing trades of the #forex market

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These videos are great way to #forex trading for beginners to see easy #strategy day trading & swing trading in the real world but not to be taken as any form of financial advice, the aim is to inspire anyone willing to learn Day Trade & Swing Trade and maybe make a full time or part time income from the financial markets using simple easy trading strategy both mean reversion & #trend following coupled with basic indicators such as the RSI, Moving averages EMA , Ichimoku and Stochastic to mention a few with solid risk management to ensure profit from the markets

I do not sell signals or give any advice on which trade to take, the videos are my personal opinion.

Please do your own research & never trade with money you cannot afford to lose as the fail rate in the industry is very high

The Scruffy Trader is not a financial adviser, he does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. You should consult your own legal/tax advisers before making any financial decisions.
This video is for entertainment purpose only & some links may be affiliated which may pay the channel a small commission that has no impact on any of your personal purchases or costs to you. Also note The Scruffy Trader is not responsible for any trades or losses that you made. Trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.

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