EASY DIY Sliding Wooden Window // Industrial Design


In this video, I made this awesome DIY Barn Door Style Sliding Window which has a barn door mechanism that is perfect for the newly installed fake concrete panels for my garage.

This is how you make a DIY SLIDING WOODEN WINDOW
0:00​ Cut 2×4 for Window Frame
0:52 Simple Joinery
2:42​ Window Panel
7:02​ Apply Waterbased finish on wood
8:14​ Apply finish on metal
9:23 Install Barn Door mechanism
11:54 Sliding wooden window finale

Tools I used
Stanley SLiding miter saw –
Stanley Jig Saw –
Stanley Circular Saw –
12V Cordless drill –
Finishing Sander –
Random Orbital Sander –
Black & Decker Plunge Router –

Wood Glue –
Waterbased Stain –
Waterbased Varnish –

Thank you Stanley Tools Philippines, Hudson Paints and Coatings and Shelby Adhesives and Sealants for supporting this DIY build.

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