The Most SATISFYING Thing You’ve Never Heard Of! A Beginner’s Guide to Rock Tumbling


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This is something I stumbled across online and had to try it out! Rock tumbling is a popular but very niche hobby and there aren’t that many YouTube channels dedicated to it. If you want something incredibly relaxing to watch, I highly recommend rock tumbling and gemstone/geode hunting videos! Tumbling rocks that you found yourself is the next step to this hobby and sounds like a really enjoyable pastime. However if you don’t want to do that just yet then it’s very easy to buy all kinds of raw gemstones online. These are surprisingly affordable and it feels so satisfying to hold a crystal that you polished yourself.
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National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler:
This machine has an USA plug so you will need an adapter to use it in other countries. Input voltage is 100-240V which means it can be used in Europe.
Extra Grit:
Raw Rainbow Fluorite:
National Geographic Gemstone & Grit Refill:
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♥ Rock Tumbling FAQ ♥
1) How noisy is the machine?
It’s definitely too loud to have in the same room so you will need a secluded place to put it. If you’re doing it outside, make sure it’s sheltered from wind, rain, sunlight, animals, children and there are no temperature extremes. I find the noise very ASMR-ish and enjoyed listening to it through the balcony door! It’s great white noise if you have problems relaxing or sleeping!

2) How much grit should I use?
The rough guide is 1 tbsp per 1 pound/500g of rock. The packets from the National Geographic Tumbler all contain around 1 tbsp.

3) How much electricity do rock tumblers use?
It depends on the size of your machine and electricity rates. The National Geographic one is very small so it actually uses less electricity than leaving a light bulb on for the same amount of time. Running it continuously should cost around $1 per week. This might be slightly more expensive in countries with higher mains voltage, so if you’re in Europe then calculate €1-2 per week.

4) Can I leave the tumbler unattended?
Of course you can leave the house while it’s running however I wouldn’t recommend going on holiday or leaving it for many days. The biggest risk is that it might break and you will ruin your tumbling cycle. It’s not ideal to leave the stones sitting inside the sludge if the machine is off.

5) What happens if it breaks?
The key moving part of the tumbler is actually a small rubber belt. You get a replacement one with the kit so you can easily fix that yourself. If the motor breaks completely then contact their customer service. The machine has a 2-year warranty and based on Amazon reviews they offer a good service and will send you a new one.

6) Can I reduce the noise of the machine?
There are methods using ceramic sticks, rubber pieces or plastic pellets to cushion the stones so they don’t make as much noise. You can find exact guidelines on rock tumbling blogs. Another method is to place a large bucket or box over the machine while it’s running.

7) Where can I find crystal in the wild?
I’m afraid I’m not sure about this either and it’s something I really want to look into! Generally speaking, river or streambeds, lakes, forests and mountainous regions often have raw crystals. These can be hard to tell from normal stones which is why you need a rock tumbler to polish them. For more details, search “your location + gemstone finds” and there should be rock-hunting blogs with tips.

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