Chloë Thanks Fans For Their Support in Sexy Instagram Video


Image Source: Getty / Jeff Kravitz

Chloë knows how to turn up the heat! The “Have Mercy” singer is always posting things on social media that make us reach for the AC, and her latest Instagram video is oozing sexy appeal. In the video posted on Thursday, Chloë is shown laying down in a white lingerie set and a black robe while sucking on a lollipop. She took a moment to thank her fans, saying, “To my four million followers and counting, my Candy Kisses and my Chloevers, thank you so much for loving me and I love you right on back. There’s a lot more to come.” I just have to say it — Lord, have mercy. I’m ready for whatever “a lot more to come” means! Perhaps another single? A lingerie line? A makeup tutorial? A lollipop partnership? Don’t leave us guessing for too long, please.

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