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In “Chasing It” (S6, E16), we get another glimpse into the thrill of the chase in Tony Soprano’s life. Whether he’s chasing money, power, happiness, or a little bit of everything (we know these things aren’t so clear cut and don’t fit neatly into boxes), his desire to avoid boredom and feel relevant sure does play a role in his daily actions.

But it’s not just Tony. For example, take Christopher, who’s bummed about the fact that this extra power comes with extra responsibility. He was all on board for the additional thrills, but the work that comes with it? Not so much. As we also see, this doesn’t just apply to people in organized crime. It’s also relevant for all of us, to one degree or another, including Dr. Cusamano and his country club pals.

“It’s always f*cking changing, Tony…that’s what keeps us coming back.” -Dr. Cusamano’s crew.
“One false move and you spend your time chasing instead of making money.” -Christopher Moltisanti
“You start chasing it, and every time you get your hands around it, you fall further backwards.” -Tony

I really love how Carmela says at the end “So this is about money? ‘Cause it didn’t feel like it.” Money was part of it, but it was also about his boredom and ongoing chase for the thrill that never fully satisfied his agita. And he used money, sex, food, etc. to cope with

Clips are from the following Sopranos episodes:

-S1, E10, “A Hit is a Hit”
-S3, E3, “Fortunate Son”
-S6, E16, “Chasing It”

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