2:0 to the fish – Trolling and slow jig for king mackerel – EN|HE subs


This kind of drag roar I didn’t hear for a very long time…
On the search for the big King mackerels, we went on the SeaWalker for trolling and later some slow jigging.
We searched them with trolling lures – I used a Rapala X-RAP 10 (lime light UV). After a couple of hours without any bites, we went to another spot and started jigging.
After a few seconds, I got a monstrous pull and the drag started to roar. The beast underwater didn’t stop pulling line… pulling line… until I felt it ran away.
It was very strange since my 80g jig had a single hook above, and a treble on the tail. How did this monster release itself? I’m quite sure it was far more than 10 kg.

A few minutes later while dropping the same jig, I felt a pull. This fish wasn’t so big, but it cut my line on the drop.

You win some and lose some… This time was the fish who won.

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My tackle:
Rod: Black hole B-682RM
Reel: Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500
Line: 30 lb jBraid
Leader: 40 lb flourocarbon
Jig: No label 80g silver/chartreuse

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