Get ready with me! (Quick and Simple Everyday Makeup)-Cherrish Feliminiano🌸


Hi guys! This is my everyday makeup! It’s also my first ever video on YT! It may suck cause I’m a newbie 🤣 but I hope I could I could improve and share great contents with you soom. Thank you for watching! I would appreciate if you would like and subscribe!

*Sorry for the quality and poor lighting. I just used my Iphone 8 plus to film since I don’t know what kind of editing software to use when I use my Canon. Any suggestions would help! 🙂 Also my skin got darker here cause I just had my outdoor sports training before filming that’s why it looked a little different on my thumbnail. hehe. Anyway, hope you guys will still like it! 🙂

Products used:
RA & GoWoori Whitening Cream-
Snody Milky White Cushion-
Karadium Pucca tint in Shade #1
Karadium Pucca Waterproof Eyeliner in Brown –
Da Mior Bamboo Face Mist-

Soundtrack- Forever Young by Blackpink



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