Philippines Travel Update – As Usual Only Serious Need Purchase An Airline Ticket


Contents of this video:
00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Five Day Quarantine Requirements Cebu Airport – Cebu airport requirements
00:44 – First-hand information from channel Subscriber that just finished quarantine in Lapu Lapu
01:18 – First Cebu Airport Requirement
01:55 – Philippines Airline Ticket Purchase
02:44 – Pre-Flight Requirements
03:18 – Direct Links needed for completion of flight requirements
03:54 – Authorized Quarantine Hotel Information
04:50 – Arrival Registration Process at the Cebu Airport
04:57 – Vaccine Card Certification – New Five Day Quarantine
05:22 – Swab Test then Quarantine Hotel
These are the required direct links for travel requirements:

This is the arrival registration link for airport arrival:

This is the ONE Health Pass registration link

This is the arrival guide including the quarantine hotel booking link and list of accredited quarantine hotels in Cebu:

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This is the direct link for my video providing information about the “Travel Bubble In Boracay Island” and my other “Philippines Travel Updates”:

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