The French and Dutch Colonies US History Unit


The French and Dutch Colonies Interactive Notebook, which works for both print and Google Drive™, investigates the formation and ways of life in the early French and Dutch Colonies of North America. Geared as a unit in the 5th-grade study of United States History.

This download includes:
• Cover sheet in both color and black and white.
• Links to helpful online resources.
• Informational Slideshow Presentation to use for instruction.
• Guide with a link to Google Drive file and instructions on how to use.
• IntelliNotes™ format to use when you are short on time.
• Tutorial guide showing how to make all foldable activities.
• Vocabulary with both filled and blank for you to add your own words. **This is the only editable portion of the file.
• Formation of New France activity
• Mapping activities
• The Dutch Fur Trade activity
• New Amsterdam activity
• New Sweden activity
• New France explores activity
• Founding Louisiana activity
• Settling of Louisiana & New Orleans activity
• Comparison of Spanish, English, and French colonies of North America activity.
• End of unit assessment
• Answer keys for all included activities

You can find this resource here:

OR here:



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