Wild Wonderful Off-Grid Net Worth, Lifestyle & Bio 2021 | Celebrity Net Worth


Wild Wonderful Off-Grid Net Worth, Lifestyle & Bio 2021 | Celebrity Net Worth

Wild Wonderful Off-grid channel :

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Wild Wonderful Off-Grid Biography
Wild Wonderful Off-Grid is a YouTube channel started on May 12 2018, by a young couple- Erin and Josh , in their attempt to document the self-construction of their own home in West Virginia, United States. The channel comes under the category of ‘How to & Style’. The channel, as of now, has 212 videos and a viewer count of over 150m. The channel has grown steadily since its debut and has a subscriber count of 840K and counting. It has around 200.55 thousand views each day. Pretty high for a channel about off-grid living, right? That may be because of the reality the channel processes in its videos.

On May 10, 2018, Josh and Erin’s journey to a new step in their life began. They decided to sell their home and everything in it and moved off-grid with their three children to build their own home on 73 acres of land in the mountains of West Virginia. Their primary aim was to leave behind the city- life to which they have been used to all their lives and live their dream of building an off-the-grid house, which is free of debt and learning to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Since then, they have lived in a 30′ R.V. as a family of 5 until their home began inhabitable. For the past three years, they have been painstakingly documenting their efforts of building their own home, including shelters



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