Technologies in Systems Microbiology – mSystems Thinking Series


Technological innovation fuels fundamental discoveries across scientific disciplines, and systems microbiology is no exception. mSystems® is committed to publishing cutting-edge tools and techniques that help to support advances in basic science and transplantation to practice. Here, mSystems® brings together 3 innovative scientists working on state-of-the-art technologies that are shaping the future of systems microbiology.

Topics and Speakers:

NanoSIMS: A Single-cell View of Microbial Activity

Anne Dekas, Ph.D.

Interindividual Variation in Dietary Carbohydrate Metabolism by Gut Bacteria Revealed with Droplet Microfluidic Culture

Lawrence David, Ph.D.

Spatial Metabolomics of in Situ Host–microbe Interactions at the Micrometre Scale

Manuel Liebeke, Ph.D.



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