The Most Popular Baby Girl Names Of 2018 So Far


Baby girl names throughout history have practically defined generations. The early 1900s saw Clementine and Adeline, the 1950s was about Mary and Jane, the 1970s was Heather and Jennifer, while the 1990s were all about Jessica and Ashley.

2018 is no different in that it’s got its own set of names. The baby girl names of this year are a mix of the old, almost-vintage names and new, unique sounding names. It seems a combination of whimsical, classical, and symbolic names for baby girls are making the list.

If you’re still looking for inspiration, then check out these baby girl names that are popular in 2018 so far.

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Emma | 0:00
Olivia | 0:55
Ava | 1:21
Isabella | 1:49
Sophia | 2:07
Amelia | 2:41
Mia | 3:09
Charlotte | 3:36
Harper | 4:02
Mila | 4:41

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