australia vlog | a week of package deliveries for philippines! *i also made brownies 😋*


hey sizees / zeesters,

our weekly vlog episode 2~
a week na puro deliveries dahil naghahanda na kame for our balikbayan box na ipapadala sa philippines soon!

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i am zee!
nice to meet you & thank you for being part of my youtube journey. ♡

i am from the philippines but currently in australia.
i was 22 when i flew to sydney to study and it has been a little over 5 years since i left (wow, time flies)

in my channel, i share videos about my simple living in the country land down under. i try to share as much knowledge & experience to my viewers so we can all fulfil the australian dream (oy oy oy!), besides that i also upload daily vlogs, travel vlogs, shopping or haul videos, and some of my easy cooking guides. :p

c’mon, let’s be friends ♡

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