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Starting with an attempt to answer the question of whether it is possible to create a weapon capable of penetrating the defense of ships with their legendary rapid-fire automatic cannons, ready to shoot any object approaching the ship, we saw that a completely different situation arises when ships attack from above, vertically, and with special missiles as shown in this movie. For me personally, it is quite obvious that the military does not yet have a way to repel such a dense attack with intelligent missiles. Missiles cannot be shot down either during vertical takeoff or while hovering.
me and preparing for the attack. And when rockets in large groups begin to fly up and become available for cannons, it becomes too late, it is technically impossible to shoot a hundred rockets flying at high speed from all directions simultaneously in three seconds. And there can be a dozen of such attacks with a minimum pause. In a word, it became obvious that the statement of the military that there is no such force capable of sinking an aircraft carrier group, to put it mildly, is too self-confident and unsubstantiated. Ships can be sunk, even using only one submarine, with the new multiple launch rocket system.
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