Mango Challenge | Which mango tastes the best | Mango tasting in USA


Mango Challenge | Which mango tastes the best | Mango tasting in USA

This video is about tasting different varieties of mango from the backyard garden in Florida, USA. There are about 400 varieties of mangoes grown in Florida and our cousin has several of them in his backyard. In our summer vacation, this year, we were able to taste some of them. All the mangoes stand out for their distinct taste and flavors. But we loved the Ice cream, Butter cream, Edward, Num dok mai, Julie, Mollika, Coconut Cream, Lemon Zest the best.

In this video, we cut some mangoes from the backyard and presented in front of the children who tasted and gave honest opinion about them. You have to watch till the end to find out which mangoes won the challenge?

I hope you love this family vlog and share your thoughts in the comment section below. It was an instant family video, not planned ahead. When you are visiting Fl, definitely give these mangoes a try and share your experience with us.

Time Stamps:
00:00 Mangoes in my cousin’s garden
00:50 Introduction of the Judges
01:34 Cutting the mangoes
02:24Tasting Sweet Tart Mango
03:28 Ice cream Mango Tasting
04:57 Edgar Mango tasting
06:16 Cogshall mango tasting
07:24 Num doc mai mango tasting
08:52 Which one was the best?
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📷 Filmed by Mokarroma Sharmin @Shanta’s Happy Kitchen
ℹ️ Video Title: Mango Challenge | Which mango tastes the best | Mango tasting in USA
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