Rule the Waves 2 | Austria-Hungary – 25 – Interwar Years


Let’s play Rule the Waves II as the Austro-Hungarian Navy! We will start in 1900 and let gameplay continue through the dreadnought era and into the age of carrier supremacy.

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Thanks to FinnishJager for the thumbnails for this series.


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Rule the Waves II is the sequel to our successful game of ship design and naval battles, Rule the Waves. Whereas Rule the Waves ended by 1925, Rule The Waves II covers the entire time period from 1900 to 1955, including aricraft and aircraft carriers. Ownership of Rule the Waves is not required to be able to play Rule the Waves II. Rule the Waves II places you in the role of ‘Grand Admiral’ of a navy during the first half of the 20th Century. The game is centered on designing ships and fighting naval battles, but politics, economic and foreign policy decisions will be necessary as the Player guides their navy’s deployment, construction and operations during a period of great technological innovation and political tensions. Rule the Waves is modeled on the period up to the end of the second world war, but is not intended to precisely recreate history. Rather RTW2 gives the Player the tools to lead a navy during the era when ‘steam and iron’ dominated the high seas.

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