U. S. Marine Fought on Mars Protecting Human Colonies


This story doesn’t sound to made up and the flow is quite original to be made up.

A U. S. Marine said he was selected for a special joint military project and was stationed on Mars. He claimed his employment nearly lasted his entire career [17 of 20 years] and his experiences were quite surreal, that the colony had to be protected from two indiginous alien lifeforms, a reptillian like species, and an insectoid like species. Both he said really kept mostly to themselves unless provoked, but he was on the Red Planet. Things got hot when his unit went in to steal something from one of the alien bases and 1,000 humans had been killed in the fighting on the ground and during an ambush at one of the colonies outposts. But whether fiction or fact. This is a good story.

He claims that he was later retired and selected for Earths Defense Force, the name of the project while he was no longer serving. I asked about programs like this when I was trying to get into the military. And the only thing the recruiters would say is come in with an engineering degree and join the infantry. After several tours apply for these programs.



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