The Meaning Behind the Beckham Kids' Names!


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I’m Karli and we’re breaking down the unique names held by all four Beckham babies in today’s PopSugar Rush!

David and Victoria Beckham welcomed their first daughter on Sunday morning in LA and even though they didn’t go with son Romeo’s suggestion of naming her “Justine Bieber,” they didn’t disappoint when it came to giving her a memorable moniker. The little spice girl is named Harper Seven Beckham.

Harper is a traditional English name that’s been gaining popularity in the US over the last few years, while Seven has several meanings. Not only did David wear that number on his jersey when he played with Manchester United and England, but Harper was born in the seventh hour, of the seventh day of the week, in the seventh month of the year and weighed just over seven pounds.

Harper follows in her brothers’ footsteps of having a unique name that carries meaning for the posh parents.

Brooklyn was named for the neighborhood that Victoria was in when she first found out she was pregnant, while a rep for the couple says Romeo was just a name they liked. Little Cruz was born in Madrid and has a Spanish name meaning cross, though some say he was named after the Beckham’s good friend Tom Cruise.

Fellow famous mom Kate Hudson also gave birth over the weekend. She and Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy welcomed a baby boy on Saturday, though his name is not yet known.

Kate named her first son Ryder, so it’s possible she’ll go with another creative name for her second son.

Congratulations to both families on their new bundles of joy!



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