Data Cleaning with Python – Online Workshop


It’s widely known that data scientists spend a lot of their time cleaning data, you even might have heard that data scientists spend 80% of their time finding, cleaning, and reorganizing data, and only 20% analyzing it and producing insights.

👀 Overview

In this workshop, learn how to perform common tasks in data cleaning such as dealing with missing data, inconsistent data, and outliers.

We’ll be using the python data science libraries pandas, numpy, seaborn and matplotlib and run all the code in a Google Collab notebook (

💻 Pre-requisite

– Basic knowledge of Python
– This is a 100% online workshop
– Install Zoom (

🚀About bitgrit 🚀

bitgrit Inc. ( is an online data science platform that includes AI competitions, a job board for data scientists and analysts, and our end goal is a fully functional AI Marketplace where companies and engineers can exchange algorithms and payment freely on a blockchain platform.

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