iPad Pro 2021 (M1) 11” 🍏 unboxing + accessories | Philippines


hello friends! ☁️

i’ve done a lot of unboxings in the past, but this one brought the most excitement to me 🥺🤍
my previous one is an ipad mini 2, which i got from 2016… it’s still working fine, but it’s speed & size is not good enough for school purposes anymore.

my decision process in buying this one took 7 months?? lol and what really pushed me to buy it is my subjects this term! 4 out of my 6 subjects are theoretical so I got a lot of pdfs to read + i like writing my solutions anywhere near the problems (yeSs to less papers ✊🏻)

btw, thank you to those who answered my poll in ig! 😊
i was originally planning to get the ipad air 4, but the result was 82% go for 128gb or higher!! and that’s how i decided to just get the ipad pro 2021! ✨ because considering the price, it’s more practical to buy 128gb pro than 256gb air

lastly,, i decided to film it (i tried really hard not to scream for the sake of this vid 🤣 lol) because i want to document my happiest moments and even ordinary events of my life in my channel // online diary 💝

💌 elleiou

📱 in this video…



paper-like screen protector

camera lens protector

Apple Pencil 2

Apple Pencil sleeve

Apple Pencil silicon nib protector

most requested links 😉
purple spoon // alt.link
Acrylic terrazzo coaster

⏱ timestamps
unboxing 0:28
accessories 2:56
screen protector 3:05
apple pencil 2 4:25
set up 4:15
logitech keyboard & mouse 7:40
audio test 8:40
case 9:08
bag/pouch 10:30

📱 ig: @elle.iou
📧 bus.elleiou@gmail.com

demongummies – rover’s may day maze ~

apple ipad pro unboxing 2021 m1 chip
3rd generation 11 inch silver 128gb⏱️



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