Inday Going to Mindanao for Vacation – Bulacan Philippines


This is the longest Inday video I have made. Inday is on her way to Mindanao and wanted to say good-bye. I thought it was sweet, she had Lala come to the house to get me. Of course I carried my camera when I went to see her at the store.

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My retirement in the Philippines began in Sept 6, 2012. I arrived here with a backpack, my computer, and drawing/art material to write, play and make videos. This Vlog of life here is for my memories and show my friends and family back in the USA what it is like living in the Philippines. To date, I have made over 350 videos.

My trip to the Philippines was a gamble. I met Myra online and thought she seemed like a very interesting and ‘Good’ person I had never been to Asia and to be honest never even considered visiting any Asian countries. I decided to come over and visit this astoundingly interesting woman. It was the best decision I could have made.

I had been overseas, However only in Europe. I have been to Germany, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland. What I enjoyed most of all in Europe was a chance to experience another lifestyle and culture. I have found the Filipino lifestyle and Filipino culture much to my liking. I have found a home here.



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