Things Only Adults Notice In Raya And The Last Dragon


While Raya and the Last Dragon is a crowd-pleasing film for viewers of all ages, there are some parts of the film that younger viewers may miss. From romantic subtext to religious parallels, here are the things only adults notice in Raya and the Last Dragon.

As Raya and the Last Dragon opens, we see Raya riding her giant roly-poly companion Tuk Tuk through a barren wasteland dotted with human statues. As we learn, 500 years before the events of the movie, dragons and humans lived together peacefully in a paradise called Kumandra. But their harmonious way of life was destroyed when malevolent spirits called the Druun invaded, turning everyone they touched to stone. The dragons fought to protect the humans, and finally prevailed over the Druun — but all of the dragons were turned to stone in the process save the last one, Sisu, who disappeared.

It’s a beautiful story, but adult viewers are going to realize that it seems to have glossed over a few important parts. While Raya presents Kumandra as “paradise” and its people living in perfect harmony, Sisu later explains that the Druun were born of human discord. If that’s the case, then Kumandra must not have been the idyllic, conflict-free world that Raya made it out to be.

Keep watching to see the Things Only Adults Notice In Raya And The Last Dragon.

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Incomplete history | 0:00
A creation myth | 1:09
A possible romance? | 2:01
The statue solution | 3:03
Why the wait? | 4:07
Not so secret | 5:13
A sad baby | 5:55
The gems | 7:04
The disappearing Druun | 8:12
A familiar plot | 9:14

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