Indian travelling to Philippines 🇵🇭 ₹7000 only, how I did clear Immigration?🤔


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it’s more fun in the Philippines 🇵🇭🥰
how to clear immigration In philippines?

in this video you i will watch my first day of Philippines, my flight cost, all documents of visa, how to clear immigration.. so some tips & my experience of immigration.. cheapest sim card & much more about philippines.. so watch full video ☺️🙏

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this time I am presenting you most awaited series of Philippines.. Philippines is the most friendly country in the world.. people are so amazing there.. I was there for 14 days & visited many city & island.. I made detail & informative vlogs so it will help to make your plan easily.. my experience was superb there.. I found so many real facts of Philippines.. that I will share with you in detail vlogs.. so much more upcoming soon.. I made this video from my heart & doing hard work to show to my experience & information in one video..
I hope you will love it🥰👍
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So guys watch full video & you should watch upcoming detail vlogs for better information & all travel tips..

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