New Mercedes B200 2016, 2017, sedan interior, exterior video


New Mercedes B200 2016, 2017, 4matic, sedan interior, exterior video Mercedes B 200:
Mercedes-Benz B 200 video Review
front.jpgI sat anxiously in a showroom Mercedes CLS while the salesman processed my paperwork for a test drive. Even in repose, the CLS is a magnificent machine. Soaking in that heady blend of luxury and gravitas, I wondered if my spin in the B200 (available in Canada and Europe) would capture any of that Mercedes quintessence. Sometimes, brand extension works (Bentley Continental GT) and sometimes, it doesn’t (VW Phaeton). So does the B 200 fit in Herr Doktor Daimler’s pantheon of pomp and circumstance?

The B 200’s rakish styling is a farrago of Mercedes’ styling cues. The diminutive people mover’s front sports the familiar three-bar grill with a giant Merc badge (Yo! Yo!). The B’s rear echoes the C-class and M-class, while the side profile offers up the same rakish swoops as a CLS– squashed between two Mack trucks. On a tall glass of water like the B 200, the coupe-style lines are distinctly Picasso-esque.

interior1.jpgThe B 200’s interior has less Mercedes-ness than a Ford F-150. The Benz’ seats are as firm as an old German frau, fabricated from a fabric that’s coarser than her husband’s three-day beard. The center armrest is made of an odd rubbery plastic carefully designed to remind Gen X of their childhood Ninja Turtle action figures. To make room for the e-brake, the armrest is truncated on its right side– exactly where my elbow sought relaxation. German engineering has apparently overlooked the fact that I’m not apt to use the e-brake whilst driving.

On the positive side, the B 200’s controls operate with silky-smooth precision. And the radio delivers wikkid beats, with the added satisfaction of one button per function ergonomics. Beyond that, Mercitude is strictly (and expensively) a la carte. Heated seats, Bluetooth adapter, Bi-Xenon headlights with “active curve illumination,” sunroof, a tilting and telescoping steering wheel; it’s all gonna cost ya. Bottom line: even a fully-loaded B doesn’t have enough luxury to earn the right to wear the Mercedes moniker. Car rent in Phuket #cars #auto #moto #4youautomanija



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