Learn English Tenses: PAST SIMPLE


We use the PAST SIMPLE TENSE every day in English! Can you use it correctly? Can you understand it clearly? Can you say “I worked” and “I went” confidently? In this relaxed English grammar class, you can master this very important tense. You’ll learn when to use it, how to use it, and what common mistakes to avoid. I’ll explain everything you need: usage, structure, pronunciation, spelling, questions, contractions, short answers, regular verbs, and irregular verbs. We’ll go step by step and practice together the past simple in a fun way, so you understand fully. Then, to continue your progress, make a plan and watch the complete engVid series on ALL the English verb tenses, from beginner to advanced levels. You can do it!

In this class:
Past simple overview 0:00
When to use past simple 02:31
How to use past simple: regular verbs 05:13
Past simple regular verbs: spelling 11:32
Past simple regular verbs: pronunciation 14:12
Past simple regular verbs: practice 18:07
How to use past simple: irregular verbs 22:06
Past simple irregular verbs: practice 26:13
Past simple short answers 31:56
Past simple common errors 33:46
Past simple conclusion 37:54

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