Is Mexico safer than the USA? (Life in Mexico 2021)


After living in Mexico for the last 5+ months, we were wondering how so many who have never visited the country still believe it’s too dangerous for travel. We were tired of the unfair stigma that Mexico gets on a global scale, largely thanks to media and Hollywood.

So we decided to make this video to share our personal experiences living in Mexico and the US, as well as do some research on the facts. Yes, Mexico has some areas that are dangerous and yes, bad things do happen here. However, bad things happen in every country and most countries have rough areas, the USA is CERTAINLY not the exception. It’s unfair and unproductive to ignore the problems in our own house while critiquing and judging the problems of our neighbor’s house.

Disclaimer: This video mostly focuses on safety in Mexico for tourists, expats, and immigrants. Not because we wanted to exclude anything, but because safety in Mexico can be a complex issue, particularly in certain areas, and it’s just something we are far from experts in. Put simply, we absolutely did not want to discredit victims of crime in either country by speaking on topics that we haven’t lived through or really know about from our own personal experience.

We’d love to hear your personal experiences of traveling through, being from, or living in, Mexico or the United States. Any safety issues in other countries benefit the conversation as well.

Where do you sit on this topic?


00:00 First things First
01:30 Our Tiny Home in San Luis Potosi
03:46 Visiting Mexico as a Tourist of Expat
04:57 Random Violence in the USA
07:01 Drug Abuse in the USA
07:46 Travel in Mexico vs Other Countries
09:10 Mexico’s Safest States
09:33 Visting Mexico’s Dangerous Areas
11:25 Safety in Mexico’s Cities
12:14 Precautions when Traveling
12:49 Transportation and Highway Safety
15:22 Safety Tips for Driving in Mexico
16:20 Traceability and Paper Trails
17:56 Police Corruption and Violence
18:56 Disclaimers
20:13 Most People are Good
21:06 Add to the Conversation!

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