Keegan-Michael Key’s Muppets Skit on Saturday Night Live


Keegan-Michael Key made his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live on May 15, and while we already knew that Olivia Rodrigo would be the musical guest, we had no idea the Muppets would be crashing the show. In a skit spoofing The Muppet Show, Kermit the Frog welcomes Melissa VillaseΓ±or’s Lily Tomlin to the stage only to be heckled by Statler and Waldorf, as per usual. Thankfully, Key and Kenan Thompson were there to back him up as security guards.

“Everybody paid good money to hear this little dragon and his friends do their thing. So please let them do their thing without talking,” Key tells them. But of course, Statler and Waldorf didn’t go down without a fight (and we mean literally). At one point, Thompson even broke character and burst into laughter, which made the whole thing ten times funnier. Just watch for yourself in the video above.

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