Corpse Husband : Draw My Life


Corpse Husband : Draw My Life is a complete biography of Corpse . He is currently crushing YouTube with his among Us gameplay ,.Each and every single video of Corpse is getting 10-20 millions views he gained 2.4 million views just in last most that’s absolutely insane before one month he was gaining like 100k subs per months which is not bad but 2.4 Million in a single month is crazy .He might hit 10 million subs in few months currently Corpse have 5 million subs on his channel. Corpse being through a lot in his life from being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia to almost not able to move his body , during that time his mother got diagnosed with cancer, it was the toughest time of his life .From that situation to today’s success he is truly an inspiration,In today episode we will try to cover everything also the reason behind his sudden growth and everything .




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