Black Americans Series Part 7: World War Two 1941 – 1945


The Black American Series is a 20-part narrative film of the history of descendants of American Slavery from 1429 -2021. It covers the historical, philosophical, and cultural elements of Black Americans. The definition of who is a Black American is based on historical and ethnic lineage. The series is linear and starts with Black Americans’ history and progresses into the contributions of this group in innovation, science, music, and more. The series also covers this group’s cultural and philosophical nuances from food, activities, beliefs, and festivities. Lastly, there is a call for a separate identity within the diaspora.

Here are some more splinter groups under the Black American ethnicity that were not known at the time of this video:
– Pre Civil War Black Population Descendent
– Indigenous Black American

Monikers/ splinters for this group varies on philosophical, geographical, and sociological perspective, but here are some of the names Black Americans may refer to themselves as:
– Original Black American/ OBA
– Geechie/Gullah
– Creole
– Foundational Black American / FBA
– Indigenous Black American / IBA
– Native Black American
– Descendent of American Slavery (DOAS)
– American Descendent of Slavery (ADOS)
– More recently, Pre Civil War Black Population Descendent
– Tribe of Judah

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