Bat Technology,USABat certification discussed by Senior Dir Technology USA Baseball Russell Hartford


Russell Hartford, USA Baseball (Governing Body of the Sport in the USA) Senior Director of Technology.

Bats must undergo performance testing and receive a final approval from USA Baseball to receive USABat certification. A bat maker’s first step in this process is to produce a bat design sample and submit it to the Washington State University (WSU) Sports Science Lab for performance testing.


Why USA Baseball decided to use bats which act exactly like wood bats.

Why not just use wood bats for young kids?

Can the barrel still be bigger?

Was safety part of the decision to go to USAbats

What is the difference of the weight and length?

How do you get bats certified.

New bats certified in 2018 for youth baseball make major impact.

In the making 5-6 years with testing, science based, with the top Bat research facility at Washington State University.

There was laboratory testing at Washington State University the best lab in the world and also on field testing with youth players at at USA Baseball, what were the results. Check it out on YouTube at

Science Bat Study Committee.

Metric, Ball Bat Impact.

BPF performance.

Less distance and more balls in play.

Balance playing field.

What is BBCoor?

Does grip have anything to play with the testing of the bats?

We also talk about the great coaching development programs USA Baseball has on their web site:

A very important discussion as leagues around the world are trying to make safe bats which act like wood.

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