Victor Hugo Pictures Home Entertainment (1995-2005) (Warning Screen) (USA) (VHS)


Here is a Victor Hugo Pictures Home Entertainment Warning Screen from 1995.

Released: September 19, 1995-October 25, 2005.

NOTE: Real, Not Fake.

NOTE 2: No Dislikes or Rude comments. I respect your opinion on Victor Video logos, Thanks to Windows XP Gamer 2001 for disrespecting on my logos, he made Windows XP Pictures, Inc., Windows XP don’t exist until 2001.

NOTE 3: This is what 20thCenturyDenzel gets for putting list of STUPID VIDEOS out of my logos.

WARNING: Saying ”FAKE” at my logos and i’m going to DELETE YOUR COMMENT AND BLOCK YOU FOREVER!

ANOTHER WARNING: No Saying ”Fake”. It’s real, because it’s for real Home Videos.

Victor Hugo Pictures Home Entertainment is owned by Victor Entertainment, Inc. (formerly Victor Studios and Victor Communications)



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