BAILE – KWT (Instrumental)



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Visuals by Georg Fasswald

© House of Youth

Brookyln-based producer Reed Kackley has been hard at work ravishing the electronic music stratosphere under his moniker BAILE. Staying true to his signature sound, he returns to House of Youth with ‘KWT’ featuring K. Marie Kim on vocals.

“I had initially envisioned ‘KWT’ as an instrumental, but upon finishing it up I decided to pepper in some vocals samples I had lying around from an unreleased track with Marie Kim. It still felt incomplete, so I asked Marie if she wanted to record something new over the instrumental. At that point the track finally had the arc I was searching for and felt fully realized.”

BAILE blends trip hop with lounge once again in this release, and the effect is as warm and fleeting as a dream There’s a lot to be discovered here, with rich sounds and textures buried in layers within the production. Marie Kim overlays the track with a lamenting vocal about a relationship about to fade out.

“The words outline someone letting go of a friendship or relationship that has grown apart over some time. There isn’t one party or incident to blame but perhaps compounding resentment. So we go alone – we want to feel perfectly good alone, but most of us don’t.”



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