4/27/21 Departing fr LAX -PHILIPPINE TRAVEL UPDATE 4 NON-OFWs/DUAL Citz -Part 1


Know before You Go!! PHILIPPINES TRAVEL UPDATE 04/27/2021 Departing fr LOS ANGELES.

Honestly, we did what PHILIPPINE AIRLINES stated on their website link

down to the nitty gritty and am so glad we did. All our transactions were smooth. All requirements were downloaded, printed & turned in according to the list of things to do before we left home.

**although there were still many mishaps encountered to those who who didn’t know what the requirements were. They were cramming at the check in counter. Staff were a bit overwhelmed & am sure its nerve wracking as you watch the lines get longer & longer.

So friends , don’t procrastinate……get all your travel docs together before you leave your house. ..better yet do them 1 day in advance.

Second dont forget your face shield, face mask, ACCREDITED HOTEL QUARANTINE for 7days, passports & original dual citz docs as this are the essential to get on that flight.

hope this helps and tune in for PART 2 when we arrive in MANILA. see u 🔜




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