How to Catch Bonito, Skipjack Tuna using a DIY Hanging Jumping Fishing Lures from Dextrose Hose


Tutorial for making fishing lures as fishing bait for catching bonito and skipjack tuna. A traditional fishing method in Philippines.
Local fish name: Pidlayan/ Budburon, Bangkolis/ Tulingan
Lure can catch (fish): Moon-fish/Bilong-Bilong/Hiwas, Long-Jawed Mackerel/Rastrelliger Kanagurta/Anduhaw/Alumahan, Bonito/Budburon/Pidlayan/Tulingan, Minanga/Mackarel Tuna, Skipjack Tuna/Bangkolis/Tulingan/Bolis, Bansikol/Torpedo scad/Atulay, Trevally/Talakitok/Mamsa/Trakito, Queenfish/Lapis and more.

Amazing Traditional Skipjack Tuna Fishing 50 kg Overall Catch in Philippines! (VIDEO):

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Finished set lures/ Pa-in:
Main line: #50 Yamato –
Branch line: #20 Yamato –
Hook #: #19 VMC –
Hook distance: 60 inches
Fishing lure (bait/ pain): Ribbon or Fish sticker and Plastic Tubings (Dextrose Hose)
Fishing line end: Styrofoam with Round bar (4kg):
Method of fishing local name: Tapsay/Pakaras

❓ How to use/Paano gamitin: Hilahin lang pa slant sa ibabaw ng tubig gamit ang 4-5 kg na pabigat na may palutang/styrofoam para tumalon-talon ang mga pain parang mga tunay na isda tulad ng makikita sa video ko.

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Video captured: 24-Apr-2020


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