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Short video of my J1 experience! We decided we would skip the drinking and work for 1 month with a moving company in San Francisco, so we could fund just over 3 weeks traveling in July. Like and Subscribe Please!

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Our trip got off to a crazy start. Arriving in London we learned that our flight to New York was canceled. To our delight we found out we were going to be put up in a 5 star hotel! The next morning when rescheduling our flight, jokingly, I asked if we could be put on a flight to San Francisco. The employee laughed the suggestion off however after chatting to her for a while she broke the best news ever. She was finishing work in five minutes and she would put us on the flight to San Francisco. What a way to start our holiday.

Starting in San Francisco we worked our way down the west coast stopping off at Yosemite, Ocean Beach, Lake Tahoe, Alcatraz, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Havasupi Falls. Flying to the east coast was not an option for us so instead we opted for a 49-hour train from Tucson Arizona to New Orleans Louisiana. After one night in New Orleans we boarded a 20-hour bus to Myrtle Beach. After spending 2 nights in Myrtle beach we set off on another road trip down the east coast stopping at Miami, Key West, Orlando and Cape Canaveral. To keep our trip cheap we camped most night’s. Had the time of our lives! I flew home from Charlotte, North Carolina. Filmed on GoPro hero – White. Feel free to like or comment. Hope you enjoy.

USA 2014 San Francisco, Mt Tempest, Yosemite, Route 1, Ocean Beach, lake Tahoe, Alcatraz, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Havasupi Falls, Mexico, Baja California, Baja los angeles, San Diaego, Tucson, New Orleans, Myrtle beach, Miami, Key West home form Charlotte to Dublin.

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